boosted taste, low alcohol.

hi. we are smål. made by humans who suck at drinking but love good drinks. that's why we added just a touch of flavour boosted gin to this kombucha.

made in finland,

a very smål place

we make smål in finland, with finnish gin and kombucha. a place so smål that some people don't even think it exists. crazy right? they should visit. it's nice here.

no weird stuff added.

only 100% natural ingredients inside, guaranteed. smål contains live kombucha cultures (fancy), it's unpasteurized, gluten free, vegan and has just that smål amount of boosted gin loaded with juniper berries, spruce needles, lemon, lavender, bitter orange and a bunch of roots.


but most importantly, it's full of taste.

get smål from these locations:




taste big.

drink small,


low alcohol drinks for high experience people.


2,8% vol.

know when and where smål will become available, leave your info!


thanks! talk to you later!